HCG's role in controlling hungerWhile I've no actual factual evidence to support the idea of HCG drops "improving" fat loss or preserving muscle while on a serious low calorie diet, I do believe there is definitely something going on with how a drug affects hunger levels.

There is no question that when you research this diet, the one thing which stands out is how people overwhelmingly talk about "not being famished."Needless to say, if your were prepared to  eat your arm away,  like you normally would from just eating 500 calories a day, you wouldn't find a way to stay on any diet really long, right?

But in case you took a drug that helped to alter the natural chemical and hormonal signals that activate hunger or concealed, you could remain on an eating plan that supplied only 500 calories much more.

Let us be real, it doesn't matter who you're, if you can get by with eating just 500 calories a day, you will lose a significant amount of body mass. Under ordinary conditions most individuals just could not take such a severe restriction in calories due to the amazingly powerful hormonal triggers that indicate hunger as a way to prevent starvation.That is why most diets fail. Lots of people believe it is a will-power problem, when in reality you simply can't defeat your body's biology.

The chemical signs for hunger are not much too weak - that's unless you conceal the people somehow (therefore enter HCG).Is using HCG falls safe?Security is clearly an important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to use this or another diet strategy. From what I have found in the research there's no actual long term negative effects shown in the medical journals with using HCG falls.Nevertheless, having said that, there is also not a lot of research on this area to start with. I believe it'd be more proper to say that the experts do not really have a conclusive answer at this point. But never-the-less, it looks like the short-term use does not introduce much of a health hazard that is known for what it is worth.


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